David’s been here

10 days to our departure – how exciting. When I had a close look at our flight itinerary, I finally had to face a minor detail: It’s going to be a long trip. 7 hours to Amsterdam – a few hours stop-over and then 8.5 hours to Kilimanjaro. It won’t be fun but I know a guy who will make the trip a little less exhausting: meet David Hoffmann ! I came across David’s company “David’s Been Here” when I searched for travel pillows online that don’t suck.
I love his company’s concept. David is a passionate traveler so he sells smart products that come in handy when you are on the road. When I first contacted him via his facebook page, he replied only a few days later from the middle of Malawi…he loved hearing about Artists for World Peace and my involvement so he sent me a fabulous goodie bag with some of his most popular products.
Can’t wait to try out his travel pillow so I can get to Tanzania with lots of energy…

Ready to get some restful sleep on my trip.

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2 thoughts on “David’s been here

  1. Henrietta B. says:

    That does look like a comfy travel pillow. So excited for you! Have fun in Tanzania :)


  2. SleepHug says:

    Sorry we’re a year late but we’re confident the SleepHug trumps any travel pillow out there. Bold statement? Yes.
    Factual statement? Equally yes.


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