Hello, my name is…

Some of the happy and healthy peace piglets at the orphanage center.

Meet some of the people and animals around the Good Hope Center…it’s late here in Tanzania once again so excuse me for not writing too much…I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Martha and Pudensiana – our angels in the kitchen.

Ugali, greens and avocado (parachichi) fresh from the vegetable garden.

Martha and Pudensiana have been amazing to all of us here at the orphanage center. We are in love with Martha’s cooking – in the picture you see a typical Tanzanian dish – ugali is made from maize meal and usually served with vegetables and sometimes meat.

Mama Wendy, Mama Josephine and Miles shopping for fabric in Moshi.

On our first day, Wendy, Josephine, Miles and I ran errands and shopped for fabric in Moshi. Wendy is giving the local women work to sew beautiful skirts and aprons to take back to America and sell for fundraising.

The whole Lukundane Cooperative in front of the building that is housing their new grinding and pulping machine financed by a micro loan.

We also checked on the installation of a grinding machine that will be run by the Lukundane Cooperative. They are beyond excited to generate new income and work on making everybody’s lives easier.

Colin and his painting crew working hard to finish the health center.

Colin came with us to help with finishing up the painting of the community health center and just started work on a second chicken coop for Josephine. Despite the language barrier and lack of certain quality tools they’ve made great progress.

Josephine’s son Deo-gratias Mushi – a chairman of the Opposition Party in Dar-Es-Salam.

Today we had the honor to meet and spend time with one of Josephine’s sons. Deo-gratias Mushi works as a chairman for the Opposition Party called Chadema. He filled us in on a lot of what’s going on in this country and I am very excited that he is working hard to bring real change to Tanzania. We went to buy scarves and hats to show our support for Chadema and spread the word about their mission to give power to the people.

Baltazar, the kindergarten teacher at Good Hope and Upendo, the youngest orphan.

And last but not least – another good soul of the Good Hope Center – Baltazar, who teaches kindergarten at Good Hope. He’s always greeting us with a smile and ready to teach us some Swahili or show us around the village. Josephine and Baltazar know each other since childhood and are a great team working hard to give these kids a better life.

Kwaheri ya kuonana – until we meet again…

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5 thoughts on “Hello, my name is…

  1. Beautifully written and wonderful photos Claudia!…so exciting to read about your progress and adventures, love to you all and many blessings for all your good deeds! xoxo


  2. Henrietta B. says:

    I miss Ugali and sukuma wiki (that’s the greens). I am so excited for you Claudia, enjoying reading your posts. Well done!


  3. Sharon C. says:

    So nice to see everyone and keep up with all that is happening! Thanks Claudia. I hope you get some great candid photos of the children. It would be nice to make a quilt with pictures of their sweet smiling faces!


  4. D. Evans says:

    How wonderful and blessed are what you are doing for our fellow mankind. Much thanks to you all. MD


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