Into the wild

Only 2 1/2 days left in this beautiful country…I can’t believe how the time just flew by. We spent a few nights at the orphanage in Kibosho where the air is wonderfully moist and clean – a nice change from driving back and forth from our hotel in Moshi which left us all with some nasty coughs from all the dust that we are constantly inhaling. Life at the orphanage means that you never know when the electricity will go out, which is a photographer’s nightmare – not to mention the tough daily decision: african bucket wash with boiled hot water or just a quick cold shower ? It’s winter here in Tanzania and Kibosho is at 1200 meters so it gets pretty chilly at night…
So much happened since I was online last – we took the kids and Josephine on a two-day safari which was just a delight to experience. I probably got as excited about all the animals as the children, but it really made us all feel great that these kids finally got to see the wildlife of their own country.
Here are some quick pictures from our adventure…

The kids are so psyched to look at all the animals…

Wildebeests at the Ngorongoro crater with saltlake in the background.

Baboon baby – we all wanted to take that one home with us…

One of the many Massai that we encountered in the area.

Tomorrow we will spend some time in Moshi to get a few things to bring home with us and then I’ll tackle the last few points on my photo and video agenda…plus we are all looking forward to just take it easy and hang out with the kids for a while without doing too much work. It’s been quite a ride for all of us, especially for Wendy, who has been attending endless meetings about the may projects that are going on in Kibosho.
With that said I will enjoy a good night’s sleep and hopefully report back again soon – most likely after my return since we will be staying the last night at the orphanage.
Usiku mwema !

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One thought on “Into the wild

  1. Sharon C. says:

    Looking forward to all your news and photos!



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