Tanzania are you ready for us ?

Exciting news – our travel team will return to Tanzania this summer ! The flights are booked and preparations are in full swing. It’s going to be a very different trip this year. We are bringing a team of eye doctors and optometrists who are volunteering their time to set up camp in the new health center and will be able to see hundreds of children and villagers there.
On the documentary side I am very excited to have 2 great women by my side this year: Cathy Jackman, producer and editor and Cynthia Rockwell, writer and editor at Wesleyan Magazine. With their expertise I am sure we will be able to bring home some wonderful stories and create more awareness.
Just to refresh your memory – here is a video/slideshow from our last trip that I put together:

Make sure to turn on HD for a better viewing experience :-)

The other exciting event I wanted to share with my followers in the NY/CT area is the Celebration of Africa that is taking place on May 1st at the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown, CT.


This year we celebrate Africa. Featured will be African cuisine, an art auction of superb African-inspired work, and live music and dance, including performances by Jocelyn Pleasant and The Manding Troubadours, Abraham Adzenyah and the Wesleyan University West African Ensemble, and Sankofa Kuumba Dance Ensemble.  Also joining us will be Middletown’s mayor, Dan Drew. Mayor Drew will be reading a proclamation declaring May 1st as “Artists for World Peace Day” in the city of Middletown!

Proceeds will go to several ongoing projects in Africa including equipment for the health center, bicycles for the orphans and so much more !

To purchase tickets and find out more about the event please click here:


2 thoughts on “Tanzania are you ready for us ?

  1. D.A. Evans says:

    Fabulous video! Very touching. Such a worthwhile cause. Your work is excellent!


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