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Fanta, Fanta

It is Sunday night around 10 PM in Tanzania and I can’t believe we’ve been here since Thursday evening. After a relatively smooth trip from Boston via Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro we got picked up by Josephine who runs the Good Hope Orphanage Center. Somehow I had forgotten that they drive lefty here, so that made for a somewhat tense drive in the dark when you constantly feel like you are on the wrong side on the road…very confusing.
I spent my first night at the hotel in Moshi dreaming about Coyotes – who knows what kinds of animals were really out there. Friday we went grocery shopping, bought fabric and had our first awesome coffee in town. Although I normally don’t drink Soda, Miles got me totally hooked on Passionfruit-Fanta…

We were able to do a quick pit stop at the orphanage in the evening – which is higher up in the village – about 45 minutes on dirt roads…just to unload all the supplies, donations, etc. It gets dark around 6.30 PM here – and boy does it get dark fast…not a lot of street lights and no traffic rules either, LOL.
That brings us to Saturday. Since the older kids are still in school we are using the time to get a lot of meetings done, overseeing construction, looking at progress, etc. We drove back up to the village to talk to the builders in charge of the corn grinding machine and also went to visit some of the children’s former homes. I’ll be able to show all those pictures once I am back home at the editing desk…for now here’s a little taste of village life for you…

It’s great to see how much impact Artists for World Peace already had at the orphanage and in the village, but there is so much more to do. I realized today that for every project that gets completed, there are ten new ones that need to be done. But the people here are such hard workers and they appreciate every little help they get. We are getting hugs and smiles on every corner and even though communication is sometimes tough, we seem to understand each other.
Sunday is a big church day around here but we were presented with a very special treat today…an invitation to an African wedding in a village about an hour away. It was already amazing to be invited to be part of the ceremony – but everybody treated us like royalty. According to the pastor we were the first “Mzungu” in his church – a great honor for all of us. We tried to dress the part, but were still a bit underdressed with our filthy sneakers and flip-flops :-)

With that said I need to finish up here…there is still work to do…backing up images, recharging batteries and so on…
I will try to post as often as I can but be patient, we have busy days ahead of us…

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Welcome to my brand new Tanzania blog.

This summer I will travel to Tanzania for 2 weeks to try to make the world a teeny bit better. I will be documenting the work of non-profit Artists for World Peace at an orphanage in Kibosho, Tanzania. AFWP is a small group of people but they’ve done some amazing work in Tanzania and many other places all over the world. If you would like to find out more, please visit their website.
For the last month I’ve been busy crowd funding the Tanzania-Project to cover my trip expenses and necessary photo equipment. It’s been an exciting ride, first time for me to try to raise a large amount of money and it was a huge success !
There is a video and lots of info on the fundraising website which will stay online even though fundraising is completed. Please check it out on Indiegogo.
For the most recent updates on the entire trip, please subscribe to the blog via email. I’ll keep you in the loop about all the good stuff before, during and after the Tanzania adventure.
Love, Claudia

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